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You only have one chance to impress


Sure, you could ask your friends or writing group buddies to give you notes on your script, but unless they have extensive industry experience, it’s like asking an accountant to take a look at your car engine trouble and asking him or her to fix it. Nothing beats having a professional script consultant, trained in diagnosing problems and suggesting workable solutions.

Script consulting gives screenwriters the chance to rework their screenplay before that all-important submission, without the pain of rejection. It also guarantees the best possible script with the minimum rewriting, and ensures that a script won’t go to market with hidden or unresolved creative flaws.

The reality in today’s ultra-competitive market is that your script has to be FLAWLESS in order to catch the jaded interest of a reader and receive that all-too-rare “Recommend” or “Consider.” In the studio system, you only get ONE chance to impress.



When it comes to evaluating screenplays, my philosophy is simple: the greatness of a movie is judged by the emotional impact it has on its audience. A great movie is produced from a great script. Therefore, a great script is judged by the emotional impact it has on its READER, whether it’s an agent, producer, or actor. My focus is to analyze and present the available dramatic techniques that cause the essential storytelling emotions, such as anticipation, tension, empathy, curiosity, interest, and surprise.

When you read a screenplay, you can have one of two reactions. The positive one is thinking, “What will happen next?” ideally after every page, losing yourself in the story, forgetting you’re even reading a script, identifying with the characters because they are real and unique, feeling the emotions we all want to feel when we go to the movies: curiosity, anticipation, surprise, fear, empathy, desire, love, laughter, sadness, etc. In short, you’re entertained by the experience of reading the script.

The opposite, negative reaction to reading a script, and by far the most common one (I’m not exaggerating when I say 99 out of a 100 scripts), you’re squirming in your seat, reading about clichéd characters, spouting on-the-nose, expository dialogue you couldn’t care less about. You’re thinking “So what?” at every plot point, and “this is boring; please give me something good.” It’s just bad writing that doesn’t affect you in any way, except boredom, frustration, and anger at having wasted two hours of your life.

My job is to make sure the reader of your script FEELS your scenes, and ultimately experiences the positive reaction detailed above. I examine every inch of your material, scene-by-scene, line-by-line, highlighting strengths and weakness, flagging the mediocre elements, and suggesting solutions for more energy and freshness that will help you deliver page after page of riveting action and dialogue for the ultimate emotional response.


Click each tab for different services offered:

  • $100/hour (Currently available)

    A one-hour phone or in-person consultation (in Los Angeles) on the market potential of your screenplay idea (or ideas), or a screenplay in progress, including identification of problem areas and suggested solutions for further development. The best decision to make prior to wasting six months developing a flawed idea. Or we can spend the hour brainstorming your story and structuring it. You’re basically renting my brain for one hour to answer any questions, learn about the craft, or be writing partners.

  • The Basic — $347 (Current turnaround: two weeks)

    This entry-level script analysis involves one script read and a 30 min. follow up meeting to discuss the basic flaws and answer any questions. Includes an exclusive 80-point grading grid that gives the writer a snapshot of the great, the average and the bad of the submitted draft, including commercial potential.

  • The Works — $547 (Current turnaround: three weeks)

    A thorough, exhaustive, market-wise verbal analysis of your script, in a 90-minute face to face or phone consultation you may record. I read your script twice, once for story, then again, line by line, covering every aspect in extensive detail, scene by scene, giving you specific, in-depth solutions to fix and improve things and make your script shine. Every creative element from visual symbolism, imagery, and thematic resonance to character growth and dialogue tightening, story arcs and plot development to scene placement and dynamics, will be discussed in our meeting, always with the reader’s emotional response in mind. This package also includes the 80-point grading grid, and email support for up to 30 days following the meeting.

  • The Ultimate — $747 (Current turnaround: three weeks)

    Same as The Works, but with written notes included and up to two hours meeting time to discuss every aspect of your script. This package also includes the 80-point grading grid, and email support for up to 30 days following the meeting.

NOTE: Clicking on the BUY buttons will take you to Paypal, where you can choose your payment options. You don’t need to have a Paypal account to purchase any consultation. Once paid, you’ll receive a download link which is a PDF file with instructions on how to proceed with your script submission. If you prefer to pay by check, CONTACT ME for a mailing address.